KubrixXx has produced for Kill Bill: the Rapper, Rav, Pitchfork’s SELECTOR, Pepperboy, The Fader, Young Chris, Lil Xelly, BigBabyGucci, Spacegirl Gemmy, Darnell Williams, Lookira, Bleach Boys, Airospace and more.

KubrixXx scored Peter Moorhead’s point and click short story, Murder.

Robotic vocals, synth drums, bitcrushed pads and creatively crafted sound design make this soundtrack an unsettling journey worth losing yourself in -gametyrant

Balances chaotic, glitch based elements…constantly changing, ranging from ambient synth tones, right through to driving electronic beats. The whole thing balances on the edge of a knife, and the music can morph into something totally new in a split second -indiehaven

Sounds like if your favourite Dilla singles were fed thourgh a grain shifter -duplicationca

It’s not Donuts, but it’s pretty darn good -free times